Chemical Process & Engineering Consultancy,Construction Management

Contruction Management

Construction & Installation Phase

Establishing a close collaboration with customers secures successful project operation in the shortest possible time. We will accept responsibility for total plant erection, it desired, or WO (.ati supply site erection supervision for your contractor Our own engineers will be present during the commissioning phase to assure a successful startup and assist in optimizing operations and attaining maximum product quality.

Available Services:

  • Plan construction work
  • Organize site for safety and efficiency
  • Oversee contractors and subcontractors - Supervise delivery and unloading Inspect materials and equipment.
  • Assure quality of construction

Start-Up Phase

After finalisation of the installation works we give support in the start-up of your systems. Olir Services embrace the start-up management and preparation of start-up concepts, Start-up time schedules At the start of the projects, our managers prepare a detailed plan and schedule, and review P&IDs drawings, specifications and plans.

Start-up testing begins with preparation of general and component test procedures, special test procedures for any new technology installed at the plant and guarantee/performance test procedures. Our on-site field engineers conduct:

  • Component testing
  • Flushing
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Steam blowing
  • Initial equipment operation system facility tests such as Performance emissions, and noise control.