Basic & Detail engineering design, Chloropyrifos

Project for Manufacuring Chloropyrifos Triclopyr &
Temphos with 4,4 Thio-Di-Phenol

Project Details & Specification

Project Cost : $ 2 Million

Location : India

We successfully completed this project for our client based in India. The project was a Greenfield in Nature & design details were generated by studying the existing plant operation & scale up to desired capacity.

New Plant Tie-Up with Exisiting plant and utilizing the existing plant equipments.

Various Improvement were suggested during the details engineer design stage for better operationabilty, reducing of operating cost, low utility consumption for producing per kg of project. better equipment designs & unit operations.

System implemented & Commissioned successfully.

Project Responsibility

  • Basic engineering design calculation for PFD's, Mass & Energy Balance, Stream analysis
  • Detail engineering design - Generating P&ID's, Static and Rotary equipment design, Equipment datasheets, Utility sizing & flow diagrams
  • Pipe size calculation, Pressure drop calculation, generating more than 2000 Isometric drawing & MTO's.
  • 3D Plant Model for complete Project.
  • Plant Tie-up & integration iwth existing plant.

Salian Feature

  • $ 2 Million Brownfield project design completed in 4-5 Months.
  • Dedicated Plant design System
  • Integration with Exisiting Plant
  • Unit operation design for various exothermic & endothermic reactions, Distillation, Heat exchanger design, Solid separations technique.
  • 1 Torr solid distillation system design
  • Strict Air emission control scrubbing systems.
  • Pressure Reaction Design System