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Cad Services

2D Engineering Drawings

Chemionix team posses extensive experience for drafting of 2-drawings for industrial and residential projects. Numerous drawings are required to be generated at various stages of project's like process flow diagram. process & instrumentation diagram. equipment specification sheet, plant layout. general assembly diagram. piping isometric diagram. equipment fabrication drawing. structural drawing etc.

Chemionix engineering team understand the client's technical requirement and deliver technical drawing as per requirement.

Architectural Drawings

Chemionix team comprise of civil engineer's and skilled technical draftsman for design and drafting industrial and residential projects. Chemionix team offer architectural design services from designing small residential home to multi-store commercial complex.

Design your house 2-D floor-plans. 3-0 View for the architectural model. plot and site plan for residential & industrial complex etc.. Using our latest software and skilled resources.

Our team works closely with client to understand the exact project requirement and implement ideas into reality. We understand the value to customers constrains. needs & goal to make a successful project.

Paper to CAD Conversion

Our method For Paper to Cad Conversion:

  • Maintain the actual dimension of the drawing
  • Layer specification as per client
  • Appropriate scale size as per client
  • Maintain International Standard.
  • Template design as per client
  • Cad flies are plotted and checked before sending It to our client for approval.

3D Engineering Drawings, CAD Models & Rendering Services

A simple 2D imaging sometime poses limitation in understanding the concept of the matter, But 3D drawing are effective to understand the concept and improve it future. Chemlonlx team have expertise In modeling and drafting of 3D drawing for various industrial & residential projects.

These 3D drawing are very effective for industrial layouts and equipment orientation. Design your industrial plant with structural details, equipment positioning, piping routing, electrical cable routing, etc. The 3D walkover of plant will provide in-depth insight of the project and will eliminate the need of modification during the site work.

The drawing can be extremely useful for piping routing application. In major industrial and petrochemical project, 2D routing of piping is hard to understand and on numerous occasion this leads to re-routing of piping at site, hence increasing the project cost. 3-D modeling of industrial project can be a very cost effective solution for eliminating the problem.

3-D modeling of project is useful in reducing your project cost as it provides the exact estimation of work required and eliminates the need for any modification work.