Basic Engineering Design Package, Project Feasibility Study

Basic Engineering Design Services

Plant Siting Support

Providing detail report regarding assessment & impart of site for construction of new grass-root project. Approach is to establish the series of impact of the geographical reason on the new project.

Permit Applications

Providing all the technical data to obtain — necessary permit's for smooth liaison procedure.

Process Design Study

Study Before embarking on a large project, particularly if the process is the first of its kind, Chemionix recommend starting with a process design study. The process design basis set the input stream physical and chemical characterizations, desired operating goals and constraints for the new production unit.

Physical Property Data Collection

Searching for thermodynamic and physical property data of chemical substances id of primary Important for effective detail engineering design & Hazop study.

Economic Feasibility Studies

Proper feasibility can be your guard to wishful thinking. Chemionix experience is unmatched in designing and conducting full-scale studies that consider investment and operating costs, time value of money, risk and uncertainty, quality of available data, & sensitivity of assumptions. We provide our clients with recommendations that make sense. Feasibility studies and project evaluation have become increasingly important since it signals the success of any project.

Financial Engineering

  • Assess the "seed capital' needs of the business project and how these needs will be met.
  • Estimate capital requirements for facilities, equipment and inventories.
  • Determine replacement capital requirements and timing for facilities and equipment.
  • Estimate start-up capital needs until revenues are realized at full capacity.
  • Estimate contingency capital needs (construction delays, technology malfunction, market access delays, etc.


Project Design Basis and Process Description

Engineering document developed during this course of project provides comprehensive process design report useful for preparing detail design package or Design scope manual. Few task address in this state:

  • Process design basic development, Equipment duty specification & Data sheet development.
  • Existing equipment, piping, & utility evaluation for use in new process.
  • Utility system evaluation.
  • Initial risk assessment & Process hazard study.
  • Provide Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation, basic input
  • Updated capital cost estimation

Process Flow & Utility Line Diagram

Process flow diagram indicated general flow of plant process, material movement & process equipments. Utility line diagram represent the requirement of various utility & indicates the distribution of utility in plant. This task provides the first glimpse of actual plant to be designed & commissioned.

Technology Evaluation

Chemionix Process team study the process in detail & with rich experience of various process design emphasize the balance between practical & theory. Our process team become integral part of R&D lab trial to asses the process on plant scale and provide desired input for successful technology transfer from Laboratory to Plant scale.